Give me a business & I'll give you a brand

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It's all about shoes

Your shoes?
Your customer’s shoes.
Stop looking at your phone.
Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes. 
Is this brand actually offering something unique? 
Or is this just another one.
Offering the same rusty product/service.
Such adorable copy. 
It’s a shame they don’t sell teddy bears.
Please don’t try to convert me. 
Missionaries make me nervous.
Don’t tell me to trust you. 
Tell me why.
Let me share a secret. 
I don’t care how wonderful you think you are.
That picture of the random smiling guy is fantastic.
I’m pretty sure my dentist’s brochure has the same one. 
Wow. So many stars.
These guys must be angels.
Oh, and one last thing.
Please don’t offer me anything reimagined.
Just imagine it better. 
The first time.
If your brand has nothing to say.
Don’t say anything.

Aaron Seidenfeld - Orijnl Brand Strategist